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Minor Updates - Rhythm - 31-05-2018

You may have noticed that the site's style has reverted back to the Template that we were using before. That's mostly because the new, rounded template that we changed over to severely broke a lot of the style setup. Links and images were broken, backgrounds vanished...it wasn't pretty. For the time being, until I can get the nice shiny new theme to have a similar-enough layout to this template, we're gonna stick with this template.

But onto better things. Some may have noticed that the Games & Media tab decided to just stop working...Not to bore with the details of how MyBB works compared to how it worked, the page just vanished.

So we've rebuilt some of it.


Take a look and play the games you enjoyed before. the Podcasts are also there if you'd like to relive some silly moments with myself, Ace, Lam, Mick.

Please continue to provide us with feedback about what does and doesn't work. I'm still attempting to figure out why the reputation button doesn't work.

Baby steps...

RE: Minor Updates - Thojoewhit - 01-06-2018

Hey, why do I need to put my username/password to download the games?