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What's happening. - ACESpark - 29-07-2019

Update on what's going on. See second post. Be warned, I don't hold back, so, swearing.

RE: What's happening. - ACESpark - 29-07-2019

So here it is. I'm sick of this. Fuck everything. I am so sorry this sort of thing is out of the blue, but... I need to update everyone.

So, what's up? Not long ago, I had surgery for a very long ongoing painful disability problem with my wrists. Things seemed fine. Well, that recovery was incredibly short lived. If you haven't followed me on Twitter, or talk to me in the private discord channels, you won't know what's going on. You guys need an update, so here it is.

Long story short, there was another underlying problem with my right wrist, and despite some respite from the pain post surgery... it's... incredibly painful again.

It's doesn't feel like a repeat of the previous pain, and as far as doctors can tell, it is a separate problem to what I had surgery for.
And unlike before, there isn't numbness with the fingers.
But it still means I can't really do anything like code, type, and thanks to it making thumb movement painful, I can't even play video games. Using a mouse and holding a pen are some of the few things I've been able to do.

Honestly, I'm at my wits end.

I'm waiting on a follow up MRI scan, which has been months in waiting 'cause the NHS is in shambles, and it takes an ungodly amount of time to get appointments for non-life threatening things.
(I don't normally get political in public or online, but fuck the Tories, man. Fuck Brexit too while I'm at it. And fuck off, did you actually make Boris Johnson prime minister!?)

And this sort of happened while I was working to help myself out of ongoing mental health problems. Naturally, this has just made me much worse, and I hit a very bad depression spiral. I'm just sick of it.

That being said, I don't think I'm quite at risk of doing anything truly stupid, so please don't worry. My mood swings are really bad, but not dangerously so, not at the moment.

For a while, I've not wanted to talk to people, so this is why you haven't really seen me outside of private servers. I'm starting to slowly talk to people again, as I know not socializing isn't helping, but it is why I haven't been around.

So, since I can no longer make use of my skills, I haven't been able to work in a while, which might just be the biggest problem, as money is fast running out. Even menial labour is out of the question.
Due to some very understanding parents, I'm not at risk of being homeless, but I am effectively destitute for the time being, and have begun selling my possessions. Some of the retro games are worth, something at least, so they're going.

I can no longer afford any outgoings. This includes things like Sprites INC.
I'll try my best not to just let it close, as I know how much of a valuable resource it has been to the Mega Man community, although honestly I am not sure how truly relevant it is anymore.
If anyone wants to take over, contact me on Discord. It's in a bit of a mess due to recent Chrome updates, but I can only apologize, I simply haven't physically been able to work on it.

The Youtube Channel isn't going anywhere because it is one of the very few, if very small, sources of income I have.
I'm not sure when the next payment for the MaGMML website is due, but I do need to check.

Those who have offered support, you can't imagine how much it has meant to me. I really appreciate it even if I haven't been able to fully express it. I'm at least trying to spend time with friends to keep my mind off things.

That's all, anyway. If I hear anything back about the MRI, I'll try and post something.

Cya around.

RE: What's happening. - J8-BitForager - 29-07-2019

Hope all goes well.

RE: What's happening. - sovietcommando - 29-07-2019

I had heard things were bad but did not expect things to have turned out like this.

You still have the support from us here.

RE: What's happening. - TruffledToad - 31-07-2019

Best of luck.

RE: What's happening. - turpinator - 02-08-2019

Hmmm, I saw the message earlier, and while it goes without saying, I'll say it again: we're not going anywhere. We've gone through worse on this server, and the older veterans have seen some shitstorms, board wipes, and moves but we're still here. Regardless of what happens, we are a family and we support each other as best we can with the resources we have. If necessary, we can always use a free board type to host the sprites, hell, imgur can technically do it, or we can submit the lion's share of it to Spriters Resource IF we have no other option.

Yes, you can't currently do anything to help, does that stop this community from being together? Absolutely not!

RE: What's happening. - Rhythm - 25-08-2019

To help out with Ace’s recent issues and such, the staff has started a GoFundMe to help him out with everything above. If you would like to help out, please visit our GoFundMe Page. Thank you all